• Teeth Grinding: What Adult Dental Treatment Do You Need?

    Bruxism occurs in people who clench and grind their teeth together at night or during the day. The condition normally occurs in children, but many adults suffer from teeth grinding as well. If you suffer from teeth grinding and need help treating it, seek adult dental treatment today. Learn more about teeth grinding and the adult dental treatments available to you below. What Should Adults Know About Bruxism? Although bruxism can be mild and manageable in some people, the condition can be extremely problematic for others.
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  • Socket Preservation With Tooth Extraction: Why It Can Be A Good Idea

    Dentists will only remove a permanent tooth when it cannot be preserved. Prior to the extraction, your dentist will discuss your options for replacing the tooth. This might be with a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a partial denture. Sometimes this replacement will not be fitted immediately after the extraction. It might be a matter of finances, insurance, or another reason altogether. However, when your dentist suggests an additional procedure at the time of the extraction—a procedure to preserve your dental socket, here's why you should seriously consider this option.
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