• What To Know About Oral And IV Dental Sedation

    Do you need to have a dental procedure done that will require sedation dentistry? If so, you're likely wondering about the type of sedation that will be used. Here is what you should know about IV sedation and oral sedation. Oral Sedation When a dentist refers to oral sedation, it is when you take a medication that will help ease your anxiety about going to the dentist in general. You either take the medication prior to going to the dentist and have someone drive you to your appointment or take it at the dental office and wait for it to kick in.
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  • The 4 Basic Steps of the Dental Veneer Procedure

    For many suffering from poor self-esteem and embarrassment because of bad teeth, dental veneers can provide relief. They can also strengthen weak and worn teeth and close gaps that cause discomfort. If you're considering dental veneers, you might wonder if the procedure is quick and painless or if it involves more than you want to take on. Here are four basic steps in the dental veneer procedure to know before making your decision.
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