Finding Clues To Your Overall Health In Your Mouth

Posted on: 10 February 2015

Have you realized that most systematic diseases can have oral manifestations? The human mouth is full of secrets and keys to better understand and know the body's overall condition and health. Many of the said manifestations are only connected with minor types of issues, but sometimes these manifestations can actually lead to graver symptoms and problems.

The Teeth

If you are experiencing grinding, most especially when asleep, you teeth can be worn down. Grinding is known to be a symptom of TMD or the temporomandibular disorder that may lead to chronic headaches. If you are experiencing bulimia or regular acid reflexes, you may be able to notice the thinning of the enamel on your teeth. This is because of the stomach acids that drench the teeth regularly.

The Gums

All people may occasionally experience sensitivity and the swelling of the gums. If, in the case that you are really taking care of your oral health, these symptoms persist, they could mean something bigger. They could mean that you may have diabetes or leukemia. Considering all the possibilities is a good thing to do, as these symptoms may just be brought about by the vitamin C deficiency. Now, in modern times, a lot of research is being conducted and many experts in the discipline of health try to differentiate or connect the rise of gum diseases with other bodily issues that include lung diseases, cardiovascular problems and early-term labor.

The Tongue

Some tongue conditions may seem weird. Examples of these are the hairy black tongue and the geographic tongue, which are caused by various factors and are not deemed to be serious problems, even if they cause a certain level of discomfort. Something that could signal serious issues about the tongue is when small red or white spots appear on the sides. This can signal early signs of oral cancer. If you are experiencing a sore on your cheek, tongue or any other part of your mouth, it is best that you consult your local dentist right away.

The Emergence of Nutritional Imbalances

Nutritional imbalances are often manifested in the mouth where the tissues regenerate quickly. There has been a study from the Academy of General Dentistry showing that oral tissue sensitivity can be associated with the deficiencies of iron, zinc and folic acid that can appear in the future in the form of gum disease.

If you have any inquiries and questions, please do ask your local dentist for dental services.