Cosmetic Dentistry: 2 Methods For Whiter Teeth

Posted on: 22 April 2015

Perhaps the most commonly cited reason for requesting cosmetic dentistry is the desire for whiter teeth. There are myriad ways to go about whitening one's teeth, and each method has certain advantages over the other. The following is a short overview of two different teeth whitening options available from a local dentist's office like Valley Oak Dental Group Inc.

Gel & Liquid Bleaching Agents

If you're looking to have your teeth professionally whitened in a dentist's office, there's a good chance your dentist will employ a concentrated bleaching agent. One of the biggest advantages of having your teeth bleached with a doctor who specializes in cosmetic dentistry is the strength of the bleaching agent.

Over the counter tooth whitening systems can be effective, but the bleaching solution will be far less concentrated than what a practicing dentist can procure for his or her patients. In fact, the bleaching solution your dentist has access to may be up to 10X as strong as what you can find at your local drug store or pharmacy.

Gel and liquid whitening systems can either be applied directly to the teeth with a small brush or applicator, or with the use of trays. In certain instances, patients have trays custom made to their bite and alignment, while other times patients utilize a one-size-fits-all type of tray. At any rate, both methods can be very effective and improve the whiteness of your smile by a number of shades.

Light-Based Whitening

More advanced teeth whitening systems utilize high intensity light in conjunction with other chemicals to produce vividly whiter smiles. These light-based whitening systems typically involve the use of a high powered LED light and some kind of hydrogen peroxide solution.

The use of light is not to necessarily produce whiter teeth, but to expedite the whitening process overall. In fact, a single visit to the dentist's office for this type of whitening can result in teeth that are up to six shades whiter from one 40 minute treatment.

Although some patients reported that the use of whitening chemicals caused their teeth to become sensitive, this effect generally dissipates in the first few weeks following the initial treatment. Otherwise, teeth whitening is a relatively painless endeavor that can dramatically increase the aesthetics of your smile.

Overall, teeth whitening procedures represent one of the most cost effective solutions for whiter teeth. Although veneers and crowns are certainly an option, many prefer the non invasive route to whiter teeth, whether in gel or liquid form, or via high intensity light.