Periodontal Disease: Treating Pockets Between Teeth & Gums

Posted on: 14 December 2015

Do you have pockets between your teeth and gums that are full of plaque? The pockets are the result of you having periodontal disease that has not been treated, but a dentist can treat the condition to bring your gums back to a pleasant looking condition. Discover below what you should know about getting treated for periodontal disease to get rid of the plaque sitting beneath your gums.

How are the Pockets Between Teeth & Gums Treated?

Periodontal disease is often caused from poor oral health habits that lead to an accumulation of plaque on teeth that contain bacteria. The plaque causes pockets to form under the gums, and periodontal disease won't go away unless the plaque is removed. Getting rid of the plaque is often done through a procedure that is called scaling and root planing. Basically, plaque above and beneath your gums is scraped off, and then rough spots on the roots of your teeth are made smooth to prevent plaque from sticking inside of ridges. Sometimes incisions in the gums are necessary so the dentist can access tooth roots, but it can be avoided if you undergo periodontal laser therapy.

What is Periodontal Laser Therapy?

Periodontal laser therapy allows a dentist to get rid of the diseased tissue that is around the roots of your teeth without having to make an incision in your gums. Once the diseased gum tissue is removed, tools are used to get rid of the plaque and smooth out the enamel. Due to a laser being used, your gums will heal faster than when surgery is done to access the roots. Periodontal laser surgery also prevents the need for anesthesia during the scaling and root planing procedure, as it is less invasive than undergoing surgery.

What Does Scaling & Root Planing for Periodontal Disease Cost?

The price for scaling and root planing depends on the number of teeth being cleaned, which is usually price by quadrants. The severity of plaque on your teeth and in the pockets will also have an effect on the overall price. If no surgery or therapy is necessary, scaling and root planing costs $100 and up per quadrant. You should expect to pay at least $75 and up per tooth that requires incisions in your gums or laser therapy to access your tooth roots. Make sure your periodontal disease is treated as soon as possible so you can smile without pockets between your teeth and gums!

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