Dental Implants: Determining If Implants Are Right For You

Posted on: 12 December 2016

When you have missing teeth, you may consider dental implants to restore your mouth. This can be a process, and one that some people aren't willing to deal with. If you are basically healthy and a non-smoker, you can consider the use of dental implants to restore teeth in your mouth. This is done by implanting a titanium rod in your jaw, allowing it to fuse to your jaw bone, and then screwing a crown onto the top of the implant. This creates a permanent tooth, and it's the main reason most people choose to go with dental implants instead of other options.

When You Are a Smoker

If you currently smoke, your dentist probably won't do dental implants to restore any missing teeth. This is because the act of smoking keeps your mouth dry, a problem when you are trying to heal from a dental implant being placed in your jaw. In addition, the motion of smoking makes it hard for an implant to remain in place. Over time, an implant placed in the mouth of a smoker is likely to fail. The good new is that if you quit smoking, you can then qualify to have dental implants in your mouth.

If You Are Diabetic

While being diabetic can cause a number of health problems, it doesn't preclude you from being a candidate for dental implants. If you suffer from gum disease, as many diabetics do, you will need to get this problem under control before you can get dental implants. If your gums are healthy, you are a strong candidate for this technology. It's important to remember that you may be more prone to infection because of your diabetes, so you want to be careful that you keep your sugar levels under good control.

When You're Happy with a Dental Bridge

Some people don't want to bother with dental implants. A dental bridge can be used to replace several teeth that are next to each other. While dental implants are more permanent, a bridge that attaches to healthy teeth can still restore your smile. You don't have to live with missing teeth, and you should consider dental implants if you are a good candidate. You don't have to treat your implants any differently than natural teeth, and they attach to your mouth without ruining any nearby teeth. A bridge can scrape healthy teeth at the attachment point, causing problems in otherwise healthy teeth.