Crown Options You Can Choose From

Posted on: 29 December 2016

If you are going to be having crowns put on one or more of your teeth, then there are some options you should know about so you can be sure you are getting crowns that work the best for you. While a lot of people tend to go with crowns that look just like the rest of their teeth so no one can tell that they aren't their natural teeth, you may be different. You may like the idea of doing something creative and unique to your crown that actually does cause it to stand out from the rest of your teeth. Learn about three things you can have done to your crowns in this article:

You can choose to go with a silver or gold crown

You can go completely against the grain and go with a crown that has no porcelain on it at all. Instead, you can go with a full silver or gold crown. You do want to keep in mind that even though the crown will be all metal so it doesn't pass as a real tooth, it will still be designed with the exact shape of a tooth and done to fit perfectly with your bite.

You can go with a porcelain inlay

You can also go with a crown that's a porcelain inlay. This is a crown that has a bit of both metal showing and porcelain. If you like the look of a certain amount of silver or gold, but you don't want to go with the extreme of an entire metal crown, then this would be a good option for you to choose for your crown.

You can have a tattoo put on the surface of your crown

If you are a person who likes tattoos and you also like the idea of taking your tattoo interest to a whole other level, then you can have one put on your crown. You will need to make sure you choose a tattoo that's going to be easy to see on such a small canvas. Don't go with something that has a lot of detail or it will be too hard to decipher what it is from more than a few feet away. These tattoos are considered permanent, but you can go into the dentist and have them removed at a later date if you want.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the choices you will have to choose from with regards to your crown, you'll feel better about going in and getting one. To find out more, visit a website like