Avoid These Three Braces Woes By Visiting Your Child's Dentist More Often

Posted on: 23 February 2019

Braces are a wonderful way to help improve the appearance of your child's smile and to straighten out their teeth. However, without proper care for those braces, your child could end up developing significant issues with their oral hygiene. Here's why you should plan on visiting a kids dentistry clinic in addition to visiting their orthodontist.


Stains being left behind on teeth are one of the biggest problems that people encounter with braces. The reason for it is that the teeth can start to develop cavities directly around the bracket of the braces.

When there isn't enough damage to cause a full cavity, a small stain may nonetheless be left behind. These stains usually appear white, but unfortunately, they're often whiter than the rest of the tooth so they stand out and create an unpleasant appearance. Thankfully, regular cleanings and check-ups at your child's dental office will clear away any plaque or tartar build-up and can prevent these stains.

Tooth Decay

Children are more likely to experience tooth decay when they have braces. The simplest reason why is that it's fairly difficult to care for one's dental hygiene while wearing braces. Adding on to that is the fact that your child may not have motor control as fine as an adult's yet. All of these things can make it hard to keep their teeth from developing decay.

While you should always encourage your child to do their best with oral hygiene at home, visiting your dentist can also help. If your child doesn't have braces yet, you can ask your dentist about using a dental sealant to help protect your child from developing cavities while they have their braces on. If they're already wearing the braces, regular cleanings can help to prevent cavities.

Gum Disease

Finally, gum disease is a real possibility when children have braces. It becomes considerably more difficult to clean between teeth with a brush or floss, and that can cause bacteria and plaque to build up. With enough time, the gums can become inflamed or infected, and before you know it, your child has gum disease.

Once again, this can be avoided by seeing a dentist. The important thing, however, is that you should talk to your child's dentist to find out how often they should come in. Children with braces should definitely have their teeth cleaned more often than those without them, so talk to your dentist to find out what they recommend.