4 Tips For Using A Floss Threader

Posted on: 25 May 2022

Do you have a dental bridge and are having trouble cleaning underneath it? If so, it will help to know some tips for using a floss threader so that you can keep this difficult-to-reach part of your mouth clean.

Insert The Floss Like A Needle And Thread

The first thing that you need to do is learn how to insert the floss into the floss threader. Think of the floss threader as if you are using a needle and thread since the floss threader has a big loop that is used to insert the dental floss. Take the floss and put it through the loop of the floss threader, and then position the floss threader in the middle of the strand of floss that you are using. This will leave enough floss in place so that it won't come out of the loop when inserting it. 

Use One Hand To Pull Your Lip Back

You'll want to insert the floss threader so that it is as straight as possible. The best way to do that is to pull back your lip so that you have a straight shot to go underneath the bridge. It is best to use your non-dominant hand to pull your lip back and work with the floss threader with your dominant hand. 

Push The Floss Threaders Through Properly

You'll need to push the thin end of the floss threader underneath your dental bridge so that it comes completely out the opposite side and gets the floss underneath it. Some people find it easier to approach the bridge from the front side if the bridge is on the front portion of their mouth, but it can be easier to approach the bridge from the back if the bridge is on your rear teeth.

Use Dental Tweezers If Necessary

If you're having trouble reaching the back part of your mouth, consider getting dental tweezers to help you do it. They are a thin instrument that will give you a solid grip on the floss threader, and allow you to easily insert it under the bridge on those rear teeth. What makes dental tweezers different from regular tweezers is that there is more surface area for gripping onto the floss threader, and some even snap shut so you don't lose your grip. It's worth trying if your fingers feel too big to fit in the rear of your mouth to manipulate the floss threader in there.

For more help with your bridge, talk to a family dentist in your area such as Dawn Grosser-Mason.