3 Great Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

Posted on: 14 March 2023

When people think of dental implants, they usually imagine the kind of implants that dentists call endosteal implants — screw-shaped posts that are placed directly into a patient's jawbone. While there are plenty of benefits of endosteal implants, there are alternatives that may be better suited for certain patients. One example that has become increasingly popular is the mini implant, a smaller and less invasive cousin to conventional implants. If you are curious to learn more about the advantages of mini dental implants and whether they may be a good fit for you, read below for just three of the biggest benefits.

Fewer Complications

Regularly sized dental implants can usually be placed without many complications, but some can easily arise depending on the circumstances. For example, a patient who does not have enough jawbone in which place the implant will have to undergo a bone grafting procedure. However, with the exception of extremely rare cases, this is never necessary when opting for a mini implant. Nor do patients who get mini implants have to worry about flap surgery. All of this means that, for those who want the least invasive implant procedure possible, mini implants check all the right boxes.

Quicker Recovery

A  conventional implant procedure typically does not involve anything a patient might consider painful, but there is usually some discomfort involved. This is usually in the form of soreness, swelling, or light bleeding. Mini implants, on the other hand, are so small and unobtrusive, that recovery time is insignificant. Your dentist is likely to recommend that you avoid hard and crunchy foods, but otherwise you can expect to fully recover in just a couple of days.


When thinking about how to best solve the problem of a cracked or missing tooth, many people may avoid conventional dental implants because of the expense involved. While dental implants can be a great investment no matter what type or size they come in, it is true that mini implants are usually far less expensive. If you have a minor dental issue that has been nagging you for a while, don't let it become something more serious — it will only be more expensive as a result. Instead, speak with your dentist about the possibility of getting mini dental implants. Doing so sooner rather than later means you can support your dentures and improve your smile rather than worry about serious oral health conditions in the future.