4 Tips To Prepare For A New Dental Procedure

Posted on: 25 October 2018
If you need to get some dental work done, you may be a bit nervous. While a procedure like a dental implant is not as fast or as easy breezy as a cleaning or regular exam, you shouldn't be fearful. Dentists perform many procedures all day long, and they know what they're doing to help you feel and look better. If you're about to head to the dentist to get a new procedure done, here are some helpful tips that can make you feel more at ease and well prepared.
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Kid Need A Dental Filling? Know What To Expect

Posted on: 1 October 2018
If you've been told that your kid needs their first cavity filled, you may be wondering how it will work for them at such a young age. When it comes to having a cavity filled, here is what you can expect to happen. The Dentist Will Use Anesthesia Getting a cavity filled can be nerve-wracking for a kid, especially because they have no expectations about what it is going to feel like.
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Getting Braces As An Adult? Don't Forget Your Retainer For Maximum Protection

Posted on: 4 September 2018
It isn't unusual for adults to get braces to manage dental problems that they didn't take care of when they were children. Unfortunately, these individuals may be opening themselves up to problems with increased plaque and bacteria. Thankfully, it is possible to manage this situation with proper dental care and by wearing a retainer to protect your teeth from plaque. Plaque Can Affect Your Braces Plaque is a problem that occurs when you don't take care of your teeth properly.
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3 Ways Low Levels Of Vitamin C Can Affect Your Mouth

Posted on: 8 August 2018
Vitamin C is an important nutrient that is thought to enhance collagen health, boost immunity, promote wound healing, and diminish systemic inflammation. It is abundant in citrus fruit and green leafy vegetables; however, many people are still deficient. Low levels of vitamin C can adversely affect your teeth and gums. Here are three ways decreased vitamin C levels can negatively affect your mouth and what you can do about them.
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