The Three Truths Of A Root Canal

Posted on: 17 May 2017

It seems that root canals are the huge root of misconception, which is a problem since this means many people do not follow through with root canals when it is suggested by their dentist. Here are the three truths of a root canal you should know:

Root Canals Are Not Painful

While the idea of a root canal seems painful, you will receive anesthesia from your dentist, enough that is going to make you comfortable. If you are especially worrisome about pain to the point where it causes you anxiety, you are going to want to talk with your dentist about taking some kind of pain medication prior to coming in for your appointment. The ultimate goal of your dentist is to make you comfortable so that you do not feel a thing. 

Root Canals Do Accomplish A Lot

There is a misconception floating around out there that a root canal does not actually accomplish anything and that you are just going to need to get the tooth extracted at some point anyway. However, this could not be further from the truth. A root canal is the most effective way to prevent your gums from being subjected to a number of bacteria. This is because it closes the gap where bacteria can make it's way in, which is not the case when a tooth is extracted instead. When a tooth is extracted, there is more room for bacteria to make it's way into the gums. 

Root Canals Are Better Than Tooth Extractions 

Finally, people believe that tooth extractions are the better option at this point since the tooth is already pretty damaged. However, keeping your natural teeth is always the better option and the more affordable option, as well. This is going to prevent you from suffering from bone loss, a weaker smile, and extreme measures of recovery from the surgery. Root canals are not as extensive, and as mentioned before they prevent bacteria from causing problems in the long run. If your dentist believes they can recover your natural tooth from a root canal, then this is always best. 

When you these three truths, you can see why it's better to go with your dentist's option for a root canal than anything else. In the end, you are saving your natural tooth and preventing yourself from having to deal with the consequences of having missing teeth even if you replace them.